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Receive a custom evaluation for your home, including comparisons to other homes that have recently sold or are on the market. This guarantees you receive the most accurate information available. To find out what your home is worth, fill out the information below:

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The Hintermeyer home selling team has

the experience, dedication and strong communication you

want to sell your Minneapolis home and ensure the successful and profitable

sale of your home:


Internet Advertising - Since the lion's share of home buyers

starts their search on the internet, top placement on search engines

is essential. You'll gain access to placement on Google, Bing, and

other websites. This will maximize your exposure and bring a large

number of potential buyers to view information about your home.


Email Campaigns - It's important to "work the network." We can

work together to identify the right people to target your home-and get

in touch with them by email to drive excitement and interest.


The Old Way -Most firms/agents put a lock box on an pray it will sell.

The PROACTIVE WAY(our way) ---Sales is a contact sport. We spend 2-3 hours each 

day contacting PEOPLE. Why you ask? We call people because they are 

the only ones who will buy your home.  We  make over 175-250 calls

each day looking for buyers for my listings and listings for my buyers.

This is something only a fraction of us Realtors do. Most do not. They hope

and pray your home will sell. We take action.

4. Personal Touch - Of course, technology alone won't sell your home.

Face-to-face interaction provides the advantage to sell your home-

and you won't have to worry about a thing. The details will be handled

with care and constant communication, to ensure the marketing

and sale of your home go smoothly.


Home Listing Syndication Superior push. We push your home to over 450 other sites that promote homes.

Your home can be advertised on websites all across the web, making sure buyers see your home and everything it offers. Here are some of the national sites where your home will appear:

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